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Monday, April 4, 2011

Things I am going to miss...

So... we managed to miss Mush for Kids this year :( so our friend (and prof) said we could help out with something else he was doing. He wanted to give some rides to some locals who help out with the mushing community!

So we showed up to help, and waited....

This cutie-pie belongs to another couple that has a team! They brought the dogs and we brought hands to help!

Fist we roped some dogs up to a plastic sled with a laundry basket on it.

This is what a real sled looks like!

after we waited for a while we decided no one was going to show up and we better just run the dogs! We did bring them all the way out there, and it would be cruel to not let them run

This is us getting the sled and dogs all hooked up. I'm taking the photo (so I'm not in it!)

I got to ride on the sled while the dogs got a run and snapped a few photos

The dog butt shot!

having a "drink" of snow

and lastly this is Rusty. Rusty didn't get hooked up with the rest of the team because he is a little on the slow side (compared to the others) but he just wanted to run and ran along side the team the whole way!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! This is something I am going to miss about Alaska! So many wonderful dogs!