Born in the spring with the Forget-me-nots

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The move part 1: Eastern Washington

Leaving Fairbanks was hard. Really hard. Well sort of. Leaving the people I know in Fairbanks was hard. Ok that’s better.

First, we flew into Seattle and hung out with my parents for the night. That was fun! There were two stops planned, REI and Costco for the all important Costco card. At REI we did something we have been talking about for years, and I do mean years. We have been researching GPS’ for a long time and this time we waltzed in grabbed one and finally got it!

Costco was also a successful trip! I have my own card now! No need to share! It was a fast visit (but my parents came up in May and I flew down in April).

On to Eastern Washington! There we did several fun things. We went garage sale-ing, saw some movied, went mushrooming (didn’t last long the bugs were too bad), and went to some museums. The mushrooming was mixed in success. We drove out to Joseph, OR and went hunting for Morels on the way home, we got some huge ones but the bugs were BAD so we didn't spend long there. This is beautiful country, actually more like breathtaking!

However, the most important of all, we went on a day raft trip!

Now I have been harassing my honey about going on a raft trip for a few years now. His family has a long history on the rivers, and in fact he has even worked as float patrol before! But it just never worked out… THIS TIME we went! Even though the river was high (and by high I mean in flood stage), we went for a day trip!

It was a blast! I didn't catch anything off the raft so we then went to a stocked pond for me to really get some fishing in! (First time too!)

Then my friend drove out to visit and we did more fun things! Thrift store hopping, went to a movie, went for a hike up on the hill, had a BBQ for my honey and hung out and ate peas.

It was a good trip!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moving to Hawaii: Challenge 2, a place to live!

Moving to Hawaii challenge 1 was getting my car all booked up.

Challenge 2? A place to live! Why was that number two? Well I learned something important. Sometimes, when you try to plan too far ahead... you don't get that much done. See people don't tend to list their places that are available in two or three months... Next month or NOW are the places that are listed.

So I did the car first and then worked on a place to live. So, here I am. Turns out I didn't even really need to look. A friend of my mom's, has a friend with two condos in Kona and she needed someone to rent one of them! So that is what I am doing.

The long term goal is to buy a house, and set down some roots. But for now a furnished condo is exactly what I need. I need to get off the plane, move in and get settled. I have 5 days before I start work full time, so I have 5 days to get my life on the island figured out. A place to get food, go running, get gas... all sorts of little things need to be figured out.

So now I have a place to live, a contract, and my car will be there in a week. Flights are booked, and last day of work here figured out.

Next challenge: sell AK condo.