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Friday, December 30, 2011

Many adventures to come

Oops! I have some things to post! Keep an eye out for:
Diving photos (Manta night dive and shore dive)
Mauna Kea photos
Volcano photos!

Plus I was going to write up the activities I planned for my parents visit! Always good to have a few ideas before you come visit me right?

Much love!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Less time, more work, no camera

So... I had 3 cameras.
Now I only have to $10 garage sale point and shoot.


But I have kitties.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kohala Hongwanji Mission Cemetery

We drove north and found this charming little Japanese grave yard and thought I would share some photos!

Kohala Hongwanji Mission Cemetery

Place of Refuge

One day I decided to go for a little adventure, so I drove down to the "Place of Refuge” to check it out! The Place of Refugre or Pu'uHonua O Honaunau National Historic Park was definitely worth the park fee! On this site is a reconstruction of an ancient Hawaiian religious sanctuary and village.

This was one of the reconstructed structures

dont remember

The bay here is very popular for snorkeling and other aquatic activities!

the temple structure from the bay

I have seen the boards all over kona in the rocks and I am told this is a Hawaiian game, I really need to learn the rules!

I love all of the carvings!

I am sure if I could have found someone they would have explained what the heck this is!

I just love the personality all the carvings have!

These walls always impress me! They are so well built!

How can you not love this face!?

These guys look like they are having fun!

I could have stayed all day taking portraits of them all!

I mean look at the head dresses on these guys!

This one reminds me of an eagle

I believe important people used to sit on this rock and there were canopies involved with holes still there!

I think these are nets

These boats look fun!

Beautiful wood work!

I walked out the 1871 trail for a bit, it was lovely!

I still need to take Brian and then I will work on gathering more information and flush out this post!

Field work!

August brought my first ISLA field work!

I am not going to go into detail but, I stayed at an amazingly fancy hotel in Kauai… not in a tent, or hostel! We worked our asses off but what a beautiful island!

Very different from the Big Island beaches!

My digs for the week and a half!

My view!


Work work.... life is rough!

James found it, I brought it back for Brian!

Road on the way back to the hotel


At the hotel I ran into some friends who I worked with in AK! We hung out and ended up going for a dive together! It was awesome!

Damn fine sunset!

Old? Rusting? Falling apart!? OMG I WANT TO TAKE A PHOTO!!!!!

We were taking off into space! SPACE!

Fun. just fun!

The long awaited part 2 of my volcano adventure... the Petroglyphs

Pu’u Loa Petroglyphs along the chain of craters road in Hawai’I Volcanoes National Park
Pu’u Loa means Long Hill or Hill of Long Life and is considered to be a sacred place, especially to the people of Kalapana. Kalapana has been overflowed by lava from Kilauea in 1990. In this event the nearby town of Kaimu and Kaimu Bay were also covered. There are now only a handful of people who live out in Kalapana and the Royal Gardens subdivision. Every couple of years another flow goes this way and threatens or destroys another home.
The majority of the petroglyphs at this site are similar to the following:

These holes (some like those above within circles) are used to place the umbilical cord (piko) at the birth of a child. The hole is carved in and the cord is placed in the hole with a stone above it. This tradition is thought to insure the long life for the child.
According to the National Parks website on this site: (here)

A dot was “ the hole for a child”
A dot in a circle “the hole for the first born”
A dot with two circles “the first born of an ali`i [a ruling chief]”
A plain circle was a “calabash”
A jagged line was a “mo`o [a lizard]”
A circle with a long line was a “puloulou [ a tapa covered ball on a stick carried by an ali`i as a symbol of taboo]”
A cross with a dot at each end was “ a cross before a chief at night in travelling.”

There are also other theories about other petroglyphs at the site and more information can be found at the national aprk website. I Just wanted to share some of these amazing features!

The board walk is a nice addition and a safe place to view the petrogphys from without disturbing them!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hey Mom I found a sedimentary rock!

Where does that title come from? A high school/early college age girl down at Volcanoes National Park. That’s right in the home of Pele where there is nothing but basalt for miles she “found a sedimentary rock”. I tried not to laugh until I was out of earshot!

Allow me to back up. When I started work at my super awesome amazing job, there was another new employee. He is from Montana and had never been to Hawaii! So this weekend we went to see the volcano! We did not do the tourist thing and get up ass early, nope we got a leisurely start. We stopped to say hi to the south point zebra, who lives with some long horns and buffalo!


Long Horns


Then we continued around the island. We stopped at my all time favorite bakery the Punalu’u Bakery (also the most southern Bakery in the US!). When we got to volcanoes national park we went to the Halemaʻumaʻu crater overlook (Halemaʻumaʻu is the traditional home of Pele and currently has a lava lake in another smaller crater within it and is degassing. It can be seen in the webcam).

After wandering around the Jagger museum there for a bit we hit the road again to go down to the coast. On the way we stopped at the Steam Vents and sulfur bank and walked around a bit.

steam vent

Sulfur deposits

Next we drove down off the Pali to the coast.
Older flows coming down the Pali

There is a sea arch at the coast that I can never remember the name, but the waves were crashing and it was stunning!

We of course walked out to the road closed sign in the lava.

And I looked at some cool textures in the old flows.

Incidentally when I came to Hawaii when I was in high school this area was the surface flow area. It is fun to walk out on it now and remember how fresh it was when I first came to Hawaii. Now there are plants growing in it!

End of Part 1
I want to look some information up about the other stops we made before I write them up! I hope you enjoy the photos!