Born in the spring with the Forget-me-nots

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Moving.... the purge

Moving... moving anywhere is annoying, and time consuming. Usually the choices are "keep or toss" but it just isn't that simple this time (is it ever?). I am moving internationally so it has become keep and take on the plane, ship back to the mainland, or toss.

Now add animals.
Koa wants nothing more in life than to be Garfield, and have no one play music. 

Ohia wants to eat new things and sleep in exciting places. 

My cats have been the best of companions for the last 4 years. They are my fur babies and I love them like crazy. But there is no way they are going to fly for over 14 hours and then live in a small condo half way around the world. They are indoor/outdoor cats. So I am trying to find homes for them. Koa I feel really bad about... we are his 3rd owners and we adopted him when he was 8 months old. When we got him he had some separation anxiety issues. But he has gotten better over the years. Ohia is more like a room mate... that eats things.... and you find in sleeping in new and more interesting places all over the yard. 

This move is a challenge, but noting worth while is easy right? right? Set of boxes #1 go out the door to the mainland tomorrow and the purge continues!