Born in the spring with the Forget-me-nots

Monday, January 24, 2011

the ups and downs of life in grad school

Today something exciting happened! My first 3 chapters of my thesis have been final draft approved by my advisor! That means once the formatting of hell is done the copy is on its way to my committee and with their approval I get to set the date!

Today is also sad. I still do not have a campus job. I am applying for post graduating dream job today! Signal analysis AND field work in HAWAII!? I could die with how happy the job description makes me!

Also it is sick that -5 feels warm, I guess it has been -30 and -40 for almost 2 weeks... but still. That is sick.

I feel like I need to write more since my writing has been drifting to the scientific, just state things, be short, be clear. I used to be good about journaling but now I suck. I guess I just never feel like I have anything to say. That needs to change, I can tell when I haven't been writing, I get writers block a lot when working on writing for work. I just get scared to start so more writing is in order. That and I have been discovering more and more this strange problem I have. When I am typing I sometimes type the wrong word. Things like this jump off the page at my wonderful other half but I just never see them. I've never been able to see typos and misspelled words. I didn't realize other people didn't have this problem until I moved in with my other half. He started to... speak his mind when reading other things for me, and now I have him proof read almost everything I write. It is very frustrating and I think its been adding to my anxiety about writing. So yes there will be typos and wrong words and oh I skip words too sometimes. I'm trying hard and hoping blogging with be a good medium to just get me writing, and hoping it will help. You know work out some personal kinks on not important files.

There look. I wrote something. See I can do it! ;)
I call this one "Working on the Thesis"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Custom felt cases by Athena's Spear Creations

So, you like my felt cases and want one of your own? Well... ask!
I did three commissions for Christmas this year and here they are!

Labyrinth iphone case

Tibetan Flag with the name Dawa

and a Tiger! (the head lifts to put the iphone away and folds back down to keep it in!)

I was approached with the concepts for them and a design was sketched, prices agreed on based on the labor involved and everyone was happy! :)

Moral? Want one? Have an idea? Want a version of one of my other designs? ASK! We'll work something out! My prices range from $10-30 completely depending on the level of complexity since everything is done by hand and by me! If its east to cut and not a lot of sewing its cheaper! If there are lots of smaller pieces more expensive!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I don't normally make resolutions but I decided to this year. It is really only one thing. Be healthier... But I've split it up.
1) expanding the dinner repertoire with more cheap and healthy meals
2) get in better shape
- focusing on abs and legs

I should explain that I have never been "in-shape" and I am on the whole a very lazy person. But I really need to get in shape NOW while I am still young so I can carry the momentum through the rest of my life.

Also I want to focus on brain foods!
I'm paid to do science so that makes me a scientist right? well then my brain is my most valued asset and I need to take care of it! I'll let you know how it goes!

New year, new blog.

I've have topic specific blogs, ok I still have them. But every once in a while I want to write something off topic, maybe about some amazing dinner we made, so now I have a place.

About me:
I am a spring baby, and the forget-me-nots always bloomed on my birthday when I was growing up. I always had them on my cake or in my room. To me they will always be my flower. I've started to bounce around from place to place, I moved for college, then moved again (and again) then went to grad school and moved and am now looking onto the next move. I guess the forget-me-not is fitting, I enjoy the people and places I have lived and wish to never forget them.

I am a student, full time grad school, living with my other half waiting for life to give us a nice little bit a clam in which to get married. We cook, and craft, and hike.

Living in 700 square feet is my current challenge. I am forever trying to find new ways to make it feel a little more roomy. I should mention we live in Alaska and these 700 square feet are our world in the winter... and sometimes the walls seem to get closer and closer...

Its a new year, one that should be full of adventure!